Letter from José G. Ramos

Good morning to all. WHVVD/José G. Ramos will not host this year’s March 29, 2015 Welcome Home event at Cal. HS in Whittier.

Back in 2000 my goal was to get a welcome home for ALL Vietnam Veterans in the nation. It became law in CA and many other states, every March 30 is Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day [WHVVD].

The White House never came through, Rep. Linda Sanchez and WHVVD gave it a strong and determined push through two Presidents and 14 years of changing attitudes in DC.

The WH did sign a proclamation last year proclaiming March 29, 2014 as Vietnam Veterans Day. The correct date is March 30, not 29. The correct wording is “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day” The key words being “welcome home.”